Thursday, March 19, 2015

Future of Quality

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The Future of Quality

  • A lot of methods based on business needs
  • Too many tools available for every problem statement
  • Difficult to choose the best method
  • Method changes as per the experts
  • All of them treat humans as machines
  • Expectation is to become predictable like machines
  • Business is no more about people and service – but on profit and competition 
  • A lot of oligarchy/timocracy and kleptocracy
  • A lot of experts in a lot of areas
  • Quality an explicit part of many services
  • Quality – the unofficial policeman of the organization
  • Quality is ruthless and is always about data

  • Human centric tools and processes
  • Emotional Intelligence will prevail
  • Quality is part of the system
  • Business is about individual needs and service
  • Equality is the driving factor
  • Competition is to coexist
  • Moving from oligarchy to coexisting democracy
  • No more Quality Teams

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